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Knowledge sharing and
continuous learning platform.

Your team quickly finds the right information and experts for the job. Gamification promotes knowlege sharing and peer learning. Get analytics for your insights & planning.

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One central place to socially share and discover team knowledge (Information & Experts)

ProudFolio assists in centralizing your entire team knowledge and expertise. No more struggling through knowledge silos and wasting hours and days. Apart from internal knowledge, team can also share relevant knowledge from external sources like relevant YouTube Video, Medium article etc.

Personalized recommendation and learning assistance for each user

Through sophisticated Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technology, ProudFolio makes personalized learning recommendation for each team member. Search results are also highly personalized to improve productivity. Personalized answer based on user role, job at hand, interest, and other parameters.

Gamification to promote knowledge sharing and peer learning

Through points, leaderboard and fun games, ProudFolio encourage team members to share knowledge with each other. Managers also get visibility into team members contributing to their teammate's learning. This helps managers reward the right behavior and build better performing teams.

Easily store and share Multi-Media content (Video, Podcasts etc)

Apart from traditional content (links, documents, Q&As), ProudFolio also makes it easy to securely share multi-media content like Video Content. Video is becoming more and more common form of learning content to promote micro-learning. ProudFolio helps you not worry about any technical complexities like Size, Codecs etc.

Analytics on individual content usefulness and broader trends

Individuals get visibility into the usage, comments, likes, shares of individual content. Managers also get visibility into broader trends like topics of interest, learning requirements of the team etc.

Available on all devices (phones, tablets etc)

Modern workforce is getting more mobile and distributed. ProudFolio makes all the content automatically available on all kinds of devies (iPhone, iPad, Android etc). Super easy to distribute even complex content type like Videos.

Fully managed, and secure SaaS product.


ProudFolio is a completely managed Software as a Service cloud product. You don't have to worry about high cost investment, support overhead. Get enterprise grade security with consumer grade user experience.

Integrates nicely with your existing enterprise systems

Our enterprise customers don't have to worry about integration with their existing backbone systems e.g. Directory System (Single Sign On), Learning Systems, Communication Systems, HR, ERP etc. Our open APIs make it super simple to implement.

Achieve Higher Team Productivity and Drive Continuous Learning with ProudFolio.